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Keynotes and Breakouts

If you are on this page, you are most likely 1) a professional in (or representing) higher education or

2) an event or experience designer.


Kristin is a multi-passionate individual and applies her wide array of expertise in her keynote and breakout topics revolving around experience design and higher education.


Higher Education


Kristin has been invited to give keynotes and breakouts to educational-focused conferences all over the world. The usual target market for these talks are faculty and/or student affairs professionals (for administrators, see design). Kristin is most frequently requested to speak about teaching innovation, classroom experience design, and alternative grading scenarios.

To inquire about engagements related to higher education, please contact for availability. 

Event and Experience Design

Kristin's PhD specializing in event and experience design was completed in 2015 from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Her area of focus has been in the ROI of engagement in omnichannel events, with her research in this area winning awards as early as 2013 (Coca-Cola Best Research Award). She has been invited to speak on a wide-variety of aspects in this realm from logistics to strategy and evaluation to design. Kristin loves to generate new talks customized to your group with the latest information available.

To inquire about engagements related to event and experience design, please contact for availability

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Kristin has delivered keynotes and presentations to audiences including...

*this list is non-exhaustive and does not include any individual higher education institutions

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