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Experience U

Are you feeling stuck? Are you feeling like there are parts of your brain you haven't tapped into? Do you inherently know that there is more to life out there for you? Do you have a nagging sense of failure to reach your own potential? Have you ever wondered why you are the way that you are? Do you know that you have a purpose - but it's vague and you are lacking clarity on it? Are you entrepreneurial at heart, but risk-averse and worried about the safety and security of a paycheck and health benefits? 


If this spoke to your soul - this experience is for you! Experience U can be experience in one of two ways: in a small mastermind retreat style or in a series of online courses! Both experiences cover these three critical areas: 1) How to tap into your unconscious mind. 2) Receiving ultimate clarity around your purpose. And 3) Designing behavior change.  

Reach out for more information and to check availability in upcoming workshops!

Mastermind, workshop, retreat - which one is it?

It is a mix of all!


Mastermind - we tackle the tough questions - your decision making framework, trauma, limiting beliefs, self-worth, and everything that is standing in the way of your maximum potential. We all have expertise to bring to the table and can add as much insights to each other as from any one person. We share these activities with our peer group that will become your champion network moving forward.


Workshop - we are learning and applying concepts, frameworks, and strategies that will lead to you reaching your definition of success! Each course section has materials that will be shared, application of concepts, and tools to use.


Retreat - the venue is a bed and breakfast style mansion on the water and golf course where each person has their own room and bathroom. We start each day with a private yoga/meditation class, have a personal chef, and the floor is ours to ask any wellbeing questions that come up during the stay!

Questions? Check out our frequently asked questions page!

Interested? Reach out for more information and to check availability in upcoming workshops!

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